The Write Stop


Rewarding and Engaging Assistance and Support

About The Write Stop!

The Write Stop! was born out of my love of writing, and my desire to help high school students complete their college essays and supplements while feeling good about themselves.

At Pace University School of Law, I worked with many students as Director of Academic Support. Together, we refined their writing and legal arguments to develop their confidence and achieve successful academic experiences. I continued this effort at New York Law School, where I taught legal writing and helped students who were struggling with writing. I worked with them, on an individual basis, to hone their craft and to breathe easier during the stressful days of law school.

More recently, I stepped foot in the undergraduate college admissions process, and successfully helped my 17-year-old twins with their college essays and supplements. They both achieved the goals they worked towards, all without tears and slamming doors! This year I joined iMentor NYC, where I will be working with underprivileged high school students to help them reach their college readiness goals. And I also have the honor of volunteering with the Alumni Admissions Committee at the University of Vermont, where I consult with incoming students on their interests and concerns.

I look forward to sharing my love for writing and desire to help students present their best work, all while they maintain a healthy and positive attitude. I’m grateful you found The Write Stop! I hope to be one stop on your, or your student’s, educational journey.

Kelly Koenig Levi